For those who are not aware of the misdeed of Captain:

I didn’t want to post anything about the tragic accident of South Korean ferry because it has already broken my heart into pieces but I saw some misunderstood opinions online and thought this isn’t right. 

Captain’s behaviour was completely HUMAN?!! WTF am I reading. That son of Satan knew he was sailing on a wrong track and when he figured out the ship was malfunctioning, he announced the passengers to stay still. What did he do after that?  He gave up the ship and ran for his life leaving all 474 people behind. 

What’s more,

After he got rescued and sent to a hopital, he was drying a bunch of paper money on a radiator. WTF????!!! Does this even make sense? SAVING MONEY INSTEAD OF HUNDREDS OF LIVES????????? Do you still think his behaviour was COMPLETELY HUMAN?????

Remember this line from Pirates of Caribbean ( Captain J. Sparrow) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (John Harrison) :

No ship should go down without her captain.

I am truely devastated by the news that more deaths are confirmed. We shall not lose hope for our young students and other victims down under somewhere dark and cold. RIP to the bravest heroes who died while saving others and those who deserved a better life. Let there be mercy.

"He said he’s sorry, what more do you want" WELL PROBABLY THE LIVES HE LOST DUMBASS

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ok so my friend went to china recently and came back with a whole lot of merch for me as gifts which includes btob, bap, bangtan albums and exo’s whole discography (i’m done tbh) and as much as i love my friend for this, i already have these albums (and i’m moving away to university campus soon so i don’t have anywhere to put this extra stuff) so i decided to hold a quick giveaway since all of you guys are awesome and i know a lot of you love these groups (exo especially)!!!

the prizes are:

  • exo mama [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo xoxo [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo xoxo [repackage] [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo miracles in december [chinese + korean ver]
  • b.a.p badman
  • b.a.p 1st sensibility
  • btob press play
  • btob thriller
  • btob beep beep
  • bangtan 2 kool 4 skool
  • bangtan o! r u l8 2?
  • bangtan skool luv affair

they’re all sealed (since they’re straight from china and i haven’t opened them at all, so they’re all in excellent condition!)

the rules are simple, just don’t break any because i will be watching:

  • you must be following me. this is for my followers so if you wanna join, follow
  • likes count.
  • reblog only 5 times a day maximum. spamming isn’t cool for me nor for your followers, so consider them please! i’ll know if you reblog more than 5 times at once and i’ll put you on the temporary blacklist (so no albums for u)
  • don’t cut off the rules please, that’s not cool and i won’t like it (i know some themes hide the captions etc. and that’s ok as long as you personally didn’t remove it)
  • this is international!
  • the giveaway ends on the 30th of April 2014 on 16:00 GMT
  • there is only one winner!
  • i will choose the winner with a random number generator.
  • please please please make sure your askbox is open!! this is how i’ll notify you and if it’s not open, i’m gonna have to choose another winner :c
  • the winner will have 24 hours to respond otherwise i’ll choose another peep as the winner!
  • if the winner wishes for me not to reveal their url, i will not do so. otherwise i’ll make an announcement when this is over!

i think that’s it o_o if you need any questions to be answered or extra help, *kim possible voice* call me beep me if u wanna reach me at inbox


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Blink, blink, blink

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innocent looking girls that are secretly kinky as fuck are girls worth living for

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*reblogs same scene giffed 10 different ways*